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Astrology and the Law of Attraction

Good Vibe Astrology

Magical Astrology
empowered Deliberate Creation!

World class astrologer Kim Falconer teams up with Law of Attraction master Jeannette Maw to bring you Good Vibe Astrology: LOA friendly guidance from the stars. 

Get on board with your divine nature! Recognize your worthiness. See your perfection. Love yourself unconditionally. This is what Good Vibe Astrology is all about - a fast track to 'know thyself' and others, opening doors to the infinite possibilities of creation.

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What is Astro-LOA?

My friend asked me a question about astrology and LOA the other day (the Law of Attraction). It gave me an opportunity to put my thoughts down on this topic.

How does it work?’ she asked.

If I'm born with the sun in Aries will I automatically be assertive, or do I just think I am and so become that way? If I'm born with Venus in Pisces will I always fall for musicians? If my boyfriend is a triple Virgo, will he freak out about cat hairs on the cushions? If I know my daughter has Sagittarius rising will she turn out to love sports, just because I think it’s in her? Which is true? Do the stars form our character, or do our thoughts and beliefs?

Let’s look at this one at a time.  

1. Astrology is LOA in action

We aren't the way we are because of our birth data. Turn it around. We are born at a particular time because of who we are. We don't come here with a clean slate. We have core values, beliefs, likes and dislikes from 'before'. Law of Attraction says 'like attracts like'. Everything in our lives is in alignment with our vibration. We get what we vibrate! Astrology is not in contradiction to this. We are born when we are (the sun, moon, and planets in a certain place) because it's a perfect match!

Example: Accomplishment isn't one of my core values because I was born with 3 planets in the 10th house. I was born with three planets in the 10th house because one of my core values is accomplishment.

2. Astrology is insight

An astrological chart can tell us more about our Self. We can discover limiting beliefs, past patterns, core values and authentic goals. We can spot where we are projecting onto others--attributing to them parts of ourselves. We can use it to understand others. Why do they dress like that, eat those foods, love that film, go for that job? For example, just knowing someone's Moon sign tells us their orientation to nurturing. Everybody nurtures, but each in different ways. A child with an Air sign moon needs to hear the words. One with a Fire moon needs the actions. The Water sign moon needs shared feelings. Earth needs the tangible display. You get the idea. Astrology is a tool, another way to see the authenticity of a being.

3. Astrology is not fate

We are our own destiny, not the horoscope. Think of the astrology chart as a road map. It tells you the lay of the land. Here are the mountains. There is the ocean. You wouldn't ask the map to tell you where to go for a holiday. You would look at the map though, before you packed, to know if you needed a jacket or swimmers.

4. Astrology is not consciousness

Remember the horoscope is a snap shot of a single moment in time. There is nothing to say that it belongs to a human being. It could be the chart of a cat, a company (very valuable to note inceptions times of organizations), a building or a person. We are more than the moment in time, yet it still matches our vibration. Also note that astrology functions within a closed system (the predictable motion of the solar system). Consciousness is not a closed system. You can take your six planets in Scorpio and become a brothel Madame or you can take them and discover the secrets of telepathy. Both involve connecting deeply--each expressing it, living it out, in a different way. Six planets in Scorpio doesn't limit or determine your consciousness. Nothing does.

5. Interpretation is everything

As Jeannette Maw says in her article Law of Attraction and Astrology - Choose Your Astrology Wisely,

'The beauty of astrology is that there are so many ways to interpret it'.

I agree! Astrology is a symbol system, the language of the universe. Like the universe, it doesn't perceive things as 'good' or 'bad'. A Jupiter transit isn't 'good' and a Saturn transit 'bad'. Each coincide with different kinds of energies and according to how you are vibrating, you will line up at different ends of the spectrum. In some cultural paradigms, and in the past, astrology was indeed interpreted back and white, 'good' and 'bad'. Many people are still looking at this historical way of interpreting our universe and ourselves—hence, myriad interpretations.

6. Mercury tells it all

The first thing I learned in astrology decades ago was the planet Mercury--messenger of the gods and ruler of thoughts--was the most important of them all. Energy follows thought, I was told. Understand your Mercury and you have the keys to the universe.

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